About ZER0ZER0

Introducing zerozero governance

Social tokens are the future of the creator community. Using social tokens, creators, no matter the size of their following, can directly and authentically reward their fans and grow their community. 

The zerozero ecosystem enables creators and brands to tokenize their communities and build their community, in order to grow them and reach new audiences. The zerozero ecosystem has its own community, composed of holders of the $00 token.

P00LS, the leading community-first platform for creator tokens, partners with creators and brands to launch their token and distribute it to their communities. P00LS incentivizes audiences and fanbases to consume creator content, while empowering them to promote, share, and scale it. P00LS is the premier tool for accessing creator content and engagement through through social tokens. With the zerozero ecosystem, money is no longer the only currency.

The zerozero DAO

The zerozero DAO is the cornerstone for all creator communities. Through the zerozero DAO, creator currencies are brought to life by their communities and sustained by their members. The zerozero DAO underpins our entire ecosystem, giving members a key into every creator world through the zerozero coin.

zerozero DAO Mission & Values

The zerozero DAO’s mission is to help every creator and brand create, launch and scale their own social token to serve as the currency for their respective ecosystems.

The zerozero DAO’s values are: 

  1. We believe in communities: Communities are the heart of any creator's ecosystem. We welcome all creators and their communities, so long as they are fair, equitable, and respectful. All communities are welcome, no matter their size. 
  2. We believe in culture: We believe in the priceless value of connection, relationships and people, in culture in all of its forms across the world. 
  3. We believe in transparency: The zerozero DAO builds its ecosystem publicly, documenting every decision and discussion. Everything will be openly shared with the community.
  4. We believe in world-building: The zerozero DAO allows for creators to build their world in Web3 through their own currency. We strive for natural, organic and sustainable growth for all communities we support. 

zerozero DAO Governance

The zerozero DAO exists because decentralized governance is critical to building and managing a global community—and therefore critical to the success of the zerozero ecosystem.

The zerozero Improvement Proposal (ZIP) process will allow zerozero DAO members to make decisions regarding governance rules,  the Ecosystem Fund allocations, projects, partnerships and beyond. zerozero DAO membership is open to all $00 holders (more on this below and in the glossary). 

The zerozero DAO manages the Ecosystem Fund. All of the decisions regarding the Ecosystem Fund management are made through ZIPs submitted by the community.

The zerozero Foundation

The zerozero Foundation is the steward of the zerozero DAO. Its sole purpose is to execute the $00 tokenholder community’s decisions. 

The goal of the zerozero Foundation is to steward the growth and development of the zerozero ecosystem in a fair and inclusive way. It utilizes the Ecosystem Fund, which is controlled by a multisig wallet and directs funds as instructed by the zerozero DAO. It also provides an infrastructure for zerozero holders to collaborate through open and permissionless governance processes. 

The zerozero Foundation facilitates decentralized and community-led governance. It is tasked with administering the decisions of the zerozero DAO and is responsible for day-to-day administration, book-keeping, project management and other tasks that ensure the DAO community’s ideas have the support they need.

The zerozero DEX

The zerozero DEX is a marketplace for all of the creator tokens of the zerozero community. Practically, this is a set of smart contracts that will be available to the zerozero DAO. 

The zerozero DAO acts as an administrator for the zerozero DEX. The various aspects of the DEX are governed by the DAO and can be managed only through tokenholder proposals and voting.

Creator tokens

Creator tokens are an essential part of the zerozero ecosystem. They are linked to the $00 token through the zerozero DEX. The $00 token allows you to buy any creator tokens listed on the zerozero DEX. 

The zerozero Ecosystem Fund also owns a portion of all creator tokens listed on the zerozero DEX.

The zerozero Foundation Board

The zerozero Foundation has nominated a board of directors — the zerozero Foundation Board — whose purpose is to administer the DAO proposals and bring to life the vision of the community. It convenes to discuss the implementation proposals requiring administrative review under the zerozero DAO rules.

The initial zerozero Foundation Board is named for a two year term, which automatically renews, unless new directors are appointed by vote of a majority of the $00 tokenholders. The $00 tokenholders can also remove and replace a director at any time through a majority vote of the zerozero DAO.

The $00 token

The $00 token is an ERC-20 token minted on the Ethereum blockchain and works as a governance, utility, access and liquidity token for the zerozero DAO and its ecosystem. 

The $00 token is the ecosystem’s governance token, allowing $00 tokenholders to participate in zerozero DAO. It also serves as the base currency of the zerozero DEX as all creator coins will first be paired with $00.

Total supply of $00 tokens is permanently fixed at 1,000,000,000 tokens.

Certain $00 tokens have been allocated to contributors to the zerozero ecosystem, these will follow specific vesting schedules, according to which their tokens will only be made available over time and contingent upon service to the zerozero DAO and community.

The majority of tokens are reserved for the community, including creators themselves, to ensure that the community is adequately represented in the governance of the ecosystem.