$00 is the currency for creativity. It is distributed by creators, curators and creative communities to reward and support their favorite on-chain projects and minds with Farcaster and Lens tips.

Supporting creative projects & minds with tips can look like:

  • Bolstering new creators
  • Rewarding active creators
  • Amplifying powerful content & perspectives
  • Co-signing fun, new, fresh and creative content

How it works

The 00 community is made up of people who want to recognize and reward those who shape creativity in web3 by tipping them with $00.

Members of the 00 community can:

  • Autonomously decide how to allocate $00 tips to on-chain creators on Farcaster and Lens
  • Access $00 tipping allowances (which do not accrue), distributable by commenting “x $00” under Farcaster or Lens posts they want to reward
  • Be a part of a vibrant, collaborative and supportive community of creatives

Once $00 tips have been distributed and given out, they are accumulated off-chain and sent to the eligible wallets who were gifted tips once weekly.

How to get a tipping allowance

Anyone can apply to be allocated a daily tipping allowance. This includes individual creators, curators or creative communities who want to part of the $00 community and reward on-chain creativity.

How to receive a $00 daily tipping allowance:

  • P00LS Creators - Create a token on P00LS = receive 100 $00 daily allowance
  • Creator / Curator - Apply for an individual tipping allowance.
  • Community / Project - Apply for a Tipping Gant (learn more)

Token rewards

$00 was originated by the team behind P00LS and serves as a governance token for the P00LS platform. Learn more here.

As such - and in addition to daily tipping allowances - $00 is airdropped weekly to active creators on P00LS according to the following rule:

# of creators on P00LS$00 Weekly Reward per creator
0 - 1,0001,000
1,001 - 5,000500
5,001 - 10,000100

You can see all active $00 on-chain rewards here.