Creators, curators and projects who want to reward creativity on-chain can apply for a $00 Tipping Grant. As opposed to individual Tipping Allowances, Tipping Grants allow you to set up tipping allowances for you and your community at scale - users, creators, friends.

As a Tipping Grant recipient, you can set up $00 daily tipping allowances for members of your community according to the rules that you set. For instance: give tipping allowances to your most engaged users, partners, collaborators, clients, etc.



Every creator on P00LS can tip up to 100 $00 tokens a day

Max amount: 20m $00 tokens

Starting April 26, 2024


Top 500 $BONSAI holders with a Lens or Farcaster profile can tip up to 100 $00 tokens a day

Max amount: 1.5m $00 tokens

May 1st - May 31st, 2024


Top 400 Buttrfly users will be able to tip 100 $00 tokens a day on Lens

Max amount: 1.4m $00 tokens

May 16th - June 16th, 2024


Kaira’s 150 most active wallets can to tip 100 $00 per day, as a way to recognize & incentivize creative content on Lens.

Max amount: 1.24m $00 tokens

May 28th - June 28th, 2024

Apply for a token grant.